Thursday, December 6, 2012

Model Spotlight: Dawnai Carson

(As part of our mission to provide accessories that help women "identify their femininity" IdentiFemi  utilizes real girl models in all of our product shoots. Each model brings a set of skills, experiences, goals, and style preferences that make her amazing! We want to share our amazing models with our customers and blog readers.)
Meet Dawnai!

Dawnai Marshawn Krystiana Carson
Relationship Status
Career Aspirations
Aerialist for the circus. Cirque du Soleil to be specific.

Describe Your Style
That’s challenging. I guess it’s kind of comfortable- hip. I go for the bohemian thing sometimes. [I like] something that’s unique and bringing different patterns together. It’s really hard to describe.
Would you say you’re kind of eclectic?
Yeah. You know what?  My style honestly is kind of retro.  I really do like nice A-Line dresses that look like the little house wife dresses.  But I don’t typically get that all the time.  I like to dabble in a lot of other styles too.  Old Fashioned [style].
Who is your style icon?
Hmm, never thought of that.  I really don’t know.

Describe what femininity means to you?
It’s powerful. I guess I am completely biased because I am a woman, but femininity is superior. That’s all biased (laughs). It’s fun, flirty, girly, sparkles and stuff. I know that sounds crazy. [But it's] fun and flirty.
Have you experienced a time when your style and femininity were challenged?
Has your style always been accepted by the people around you?
Yep! I might have gone through a slight, very slight [phase] mixing punk in with my [style].  And people didn’t really get it; so I guess there was some push back there. Since I dabble in a lot of different things, sometimes I keep stuff and it comes to one big mixture. The punk is still in there sometimes. I also tried baby doll kind of styles which I really loved, and sometimes people look at me like "aren’t you kind of old for that?" My friend told me, "I hate those little button shoes."  I had these little white shoes that buckled.  She’s like "I wore those shoes when I was in kindergarten."  I was like; "I love those shoes."  [They were like] little buckled Mary Jane’s.
Feeling beautiful can be a challenge in today’s world. What are some things that make you feel beautiful?
New clothes actually. It’s so funny, your mom [Mallory] said apparently she could tell that I liked to shop!  Honestly, going out and buying some new clothes and putting them on and dressing up and putting them in the air makes me feel beautiful. Especially when people notice and they can tell. Not to sound superficial. I don’t know, it’s something I just like to do. Or like treating myself really nice. Like going to get a pedicure or to get my eyebrows waxed, the typical girly stuff, just femininity. I’m on the top of the world with new shoes.

 If you could give advice to your younger self what would you say?
 Join the circus. (Laughs). Seriously, that’s honestly what I would say because everything else was pretty much cool. [My] younger self was pretty much on her game. [I’d say] "Just do it now [join the circus] so you could be on your block now, or a little bit sooner. You know you really want to do this. Follow your dreams, whatever you want to do, follow your heart. Get out of your brain.  Go with your heart."
Would you say to your younger self was afraid to follow your heart?
Not really, it was just that since I was five I said I wanted to be a doctor and I was constantly saying this in my head to the point that I felt like this is what the plan has been for so long, can I change it? Like I wasn’t really sure if that was an option. But then I realized that my parents told me I could do whatever I want so of course this is an option. So I researched it.
How do you stay confident?
I stay confident by expressing myself, by not being afraid to open myself up to new people, and the way I do that is I dance. So like, if there is ever music on or my iPod, my iPod is like so close to my heart. (It’s broken now, it’s so sad) But my iPod, love my iPod.  Just play it [my iPod] dancing, it gets me  in a good mood, it opens me up for the day and as soon as I walk out the house I have a big smile on my face and people see the smile, so when you smile at someone they open up to you and  it’s all, it’s all a good mood. As long as the moods good, I’m confident. It all goes back to the music and the dancing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  10 years?
Five years I will be 27 (laughs) hopefully I’m working for a major circus company. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Circus du Soleil but Circus du Soleil is like the peak. I at least want to be Universal Soul Circus, Barnum and Baily. That’s five years. Definitely living in California or Vegas because Vegas has the constant shows, maybe even traveling because honestly, since I’ll only be 27, I probably won’t be too attached.  So I’ll probably be doing a lot of traveling, hopefully around other countries.
10 years, I’ll be 32 , oh gosh. That’s a long time. Probably have a husband, two kids. Because I’ve got to get that out before 35. I’ll probably already have a bun in the oven. Still doing the circus thing unless I maybe got injured but my backup thing is since I’ll be moving out to California, I was going to look into maybe stunt coordination. Stunts and something [with a] physical aspect (I’ve been an athlete all my life)  like something I could smoothly move into. If I’m not still working  with the circus or I decide later its not for me, I might get into the movie industry.
Anything else you want to add?
I love your accessories!
Thanks Dawnai! We wish you nothing but success in your circus endeavors (so cool!!!)