Friday, December 12, 2014

Model Spotlight: Morgan

(As part of our mission to provide accessories that help women "identify their femininity" IdentiFemi utilizes real women models in all of our product shoots. Each model brings a set of skills, experiences, goals, and style preferences that make her amazing! We want to share our amazing models with our customers and blog readers)
Meet Morgan!
Morgan White
What is your relationship status?

What are your career aspirations?
To be a Social Worker.
What is your dream job?
Working with a child advocacy center as a child advocate. [I chose child  advocacy] Because I wasn’t really interested in counseling or teaching.  This way I still get to work with the clients and the children and still help them get their needs met.
Describe your style?
Kind of girly, kind of laid back. I like sweat pants and sweat shirts. Easy. Usually black. Not very many colors. 

Who are your style icons?
I like how Lauren Conrad dresses, but I don’t know if I match that (laughs). She dresses really nice.
What does femininity mean to you?
 It means how you as a woman portray yourself. It’s how you are to everyone else.
Feeling beautiful can be a challenge in today’s world. What are some ways you feel beautiful?
 I get my hair done and my nails done. That makes me feel really good. I love it. When I buy clothes, that’s great. 

What advice would you give to your sixteen-year-old self?
It doesn’t matter what size your jeans are you’re going to look good in them anyway.
How do you stay confident?
 I smile
Where do you see yourself in five years and then in ten years?  
In five years, I hope I’m done with school, done with my masters. I hope I have a job living in Chicago or a big city, just having fun with life.  Ten years, maybe married, have some children, settled down, that’s about it.

 Thanks for the awesome interview Morgan! If you love our "Model Spotlight" series as much as we do, be sure to tune in every Friday and hear from a new IdentiFemi Model. 
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