Monday, November 5, 2012

Myah's Words: Accepting My Style, Accepting My Femininity.

When I was in high school, I hoped to win “Best Dressed” my senior year. I put my best foot forward, wearing the cutest outfits I could create and almost never having an “off day” when it came to my clothes. I was sure I stood a chance. In my eyes, I was definitely stylish and people always commented on what I wore. When the “Best Dressed” winner and nominees were announced, I was nowhere in the running. I was devastated. I remember thinking “is my style not good enough?” “Do I dress bad?” The experience led to a fashion downward spiral that lasted four years. From that moment on, I constantly compared my clothes to other girls. I tried to keep up with the trends. I tried to learn the “cool styles” and wear heels. With every outfit I tried to create using other people’s style preferences, I lost a part of myself. 
                                            High school Myah, when I was comfortable with my style.

By the time I graduated from college I was painfully insecure and totally confused about my style. I didn’t feel cute. I didn’t feel feminine. And most of all, I didn’t feel good enough. In graduate school I ran a style blog. Style blogging gave me the opportunity to showcase my personal style, but reading other style blogs caused me to do what I had done so often in the past: compare myself to other people. Once again I was miserable, frustrated, and style-less. It took me a while, but I soon realized that what I had been trying to do all along was gain acceptance through what I wore. In high school, I really believed that winning best dressed would validate my importance. I didn’t feel important so I thought having the approval of “the right people” (popular people) would solidify how important I was. In college, I wanted to fit in so I followed the model of other people. If the cool, accepted girls wore pink boot and fur coats then I wanted to wear pink boots and a fur coat, even if my real style preference was a plaid shirt, jeans, and Uggs. I always wanted to be chic, but really (as someone recently accurately described) my style is very creative. I now seek to enjoy my clothes rather than to wear things other people approve of. Honestly, I’m not trendy. I only know a handful of brand names. My clothes aren’t chic. My taste isn’t sexy. But none of that matters because I have learned to wear what makes Myah happy. I feel the most comfortable in clothes that are sweet, colorful, and sparkly. I’ve learned that my acceptance and femininity are not defined by trends but rather they are defined by me.

                                    Myah now. I have redefined my style and now I feel more like myself. 

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