Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mallory's Thoughts: Bubble Baths and Candle Light

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I recently spoke at a women’s conference where I mentioned my daily ritual of a bubble bath to candlelight. When I brought up the topic, I was not prepared for the different responses. Sure, I know there are a lot of women who take bubble baths with candles burning, but it is usually a practice women indulge in after a long day. However, I take my bubble baths first thing in the morning. Some of the women attending the conference thought my morning bubble baths to candlelight was an interesting idea. Other attendees were inspired and saw the bubble bath ritual as an indication that they needed to incorporate some type of “me time” into their daily routine.
            My daily bubble bath ritual is the time I use to de-stress and prepare for the day. I know it sounds strange, the need to de-stress in the mornings. Most mornings, when I wake up, I immediately begin creating in my head a list of things I need to do. Carving out “me time” helps me to focus on what is important. During my morning ritual, I pray and thank God for being alive, for keeping my family safe, and for giving me the strength to face whatever the day brings. I also take time to reflect on this journey called life. I think it is important to embrace both the good and the bad that happens in our daily journey. Although we endure many struggles and disappointments in life, we also experience many surprises and golden nuggets that are priceless.
            You might ask, what does this have to do with femininity? I believe part of being feminine is taking daily personal time to rediscover yourself. My bubble baths in the morning are about nurturing my body, my mind, and my emotions. My bubble baths remind me that I need to take time to look my best, to approach my day with the best attitude possible, to increase in understanding, to show compassion, and to be an instrument demonstrating kindness and love. My morning baths remind me to embrace the challenges of the day by allowing the challenges to unlock unused potential and help me to embrace change. How you start your day will greatly influence how you respond to the events of the day. Okay ladies, I challenge you to find a morning ritual that will cause you to embrace your femininity by reminding you that your beauty is a representation of what you look like on the inside as well as the outside.   


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