Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mallory's Thoughts: The Power of Your Brain

             Over the weekend I took some time to relax and enjoy a movie. As I watched the Ben Carson Story I was inspired. I began to think about one of the most important lessons I have learned in my life. I believe one of life’s most important lessons is the process of discovering your unique gifts and attributes.     
            During a scene in the movie, Ben Carson interviewed for a position at John Hopkins University’s Neurosurgeon Residency Program. During his interview he was asked why he wanted to become a neurosurgeon. He responded, “I believe the brain is a miracle. There is so much we should do; there are so many miracles we should perform. The key to performing miracles is the brain.” As I thought about his words, I thought about how intricately human beings have been created. I also thought about how enlightening it has been for me to continue to discover and utilize all of my unique characteristics and qualities. It also has been just as important for me to discover ways to positively impact humanity by using my gifts and attributes.  
            As I began to think about how the brain is related to femininity, the topic of comparison continued to come up in my mind. Although many women will not admit to their behaviors of comparison it is very common. When we compare ourselves to others we use our brains destructively. We often compare our looks and achievements. We think negative thoughts about ourselves and we spend countless hours wishing we could change things about ourselves.
            We rarely stop and think about the power our brain has, or the brains ability to help us achieve countless and indescribable things. Our brain was intended to be a tool of empowerment. Our brain should be used optimistically, to plan for the future, to discover our gifts, to imagine ourselves fulfilling our destiny, to think positive thoughts about ourselves and others, and to accomplish miracles by being motivated to action. But we rarely push ourselves to use our brains to reach those unimaginable dreams and goals. Instead much of our time is spent coveting others possessions and achievements.          
            The beauty of femininity is its differences. Femininity can be described, explained, and demonstrated many different ways. Femininity encompasses many thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and ideas. When I think about how my brain influences my femininity, I would have to say my brain is the organ that completely encompasses my individuality. In other words, no one will see or embrace feminine ideas exactly the way I do. No one will wear color schemes or fabric patterns exactly the way I do. No one’s ideas of femininity will cause them to be motivated to action the same way I am. Each woman possesses femininity in her own unique way. Your individual approach to femininity is just as powerful and important as other women. So, in the spirit of “Identifemi” I encourage you to Identify Your Femininity. I want to encourage you to use your brain to activate those unique qualities you possess. Yes, I believe your uniqueness will provide you with a platform somewhere, somehow to impact others.  


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